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We provide a wide range of services, from the development of new collections to model engineering and final production.

Our experience in the field allows us to work ensuring excellent quality at every stage of the process.

​The team consists of people with proven experience gained through collaboration with the main international players of the fashion system, mainly specialized in the conception, development, design, engineering, prototyping and production of men’s and women’s clothing.


We also offer bespoke design services to meet specific needs of our customers.


DESIGN department

  • Innovative technologies and materials in line with the criteria of the circular economy;

  • Definition and positioning of the collection;

  • Realization mood board, graphic tables and figurines;

  • Graphic and technical design of models;

  • Drafting of technical sheets;

  • Supervision fitting.


  • Brand Identity;

  • Logo;

  • Design;

  • Design and development of labeling and packaging;

  • Pattern, AOP and Prints.


  • Sustainability;

  • New materials;

  • Regeneration.

PATTERN department

  • Development and creation of paper models;

  • Graphs;

  • Size development;

  • Placed and print out;

  • CAD conversions;

  • Fitting supervision.

PRODUCT development

  • Study, development and supervision of accessories and supports;

  • Supervision and support of articles;

  • Drafting and control of consumption of raw materials and processing;

  • Supervision of the production phases;

  • Washing search.

CUTTING service

We offer apparel cutting, reliable and accurate services supported by digitization, development, placement and graphic printing operations for most fabrics. 

The experience of highly qualified personnel and the use of precision techniques and technologies, guarantees a high quality service.


Prototyping and industrialization laboratories

  • Development, Placement and Packaging;

  • Laboratory of Prototyping;

  • Laboratories for Samples and Production total look.


Technology, sustainability and craftsmanship

The production process of our screen printing protects the environment by eliminating from the clothing supply chain chemical pollutants.

Eco-sustainable certified products are used

Technology and craftsmanship come together for

create screen printing with certified colors on sizes ranging from the smallest to the largest.

Images in flat colors, shades, shadows and half tones are achievable on any type of fabric, finished garment, panel or cut, with industrial or artisanal processing.


Realization of garments to measure

  • Tailoring;

  • Customizations.


  • Quality Control;

  • Raw materials warehouse;

  • Warehouse Finished products;

  • Logistics and Shipments;

ON REQUEST: 3D: Prototypes, simulations, renderings and prints, animations; HI-TECH PROCESSING: Intermediate products, ultrasonic technologies, thermotaping, thermoadhesive, laser, high frequency, customizations; EVENTS and FASHION SHOWS: Tailoring service, support team, technical support, transfer.

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